Kriterion Tender Management System

Our System

Our system aims to simplify and improve the effectiveness of Tenders by handling every process of the tender system, thus eliminating the human factor and allowing a computer to give analytic unbiased results. This will be achieved through algorithms that carry out each of the steps within the tender process and a point and rating system. Through the assigning of points for specific merits the company awarded the tender is the one with the most points thus the most capable of providing the service and meets the given criteria.


EProk looks at company's networth retrieved from CIPC, uses a bid reference amount value set by the government representative that owns the project. It evaluates the total bid comprising the project phases, project materials and the professional services cost against the reference amount set by the government representative. Depending on the total bid cost the 80/20 or 90/10 bid evaluation formula is used. Bids below R1000,000,000 use the 80/20 evaluation formula and bids above R1000,000,000 use the 90/10 evaluation formula.


Retrieves financial ratings of a company from Transunion and uses this to evaluate whether or not the contracting company is financially capable of carrying out the project. For each company, it takes the name of all the directors belonging to that company, matches the names to the CIPC database retrieving all the companies they have been involved with, as one director can belong to multiple companies. The list of retrieved companies are matched against the Transunion database to retrieve their financial standing, an average of this financial standing is used to determine how financially secure and capable the company is. Using Transunion's database we are also able to analyze the financial standing of the directors belonging to the company as we believe that a director who is not healthy financially might be a security risk when handling tender packages of high value.


Uses experience based rating to provide a technical evaluation based on the ratings you have received on the past projects. Checks the years of experience of that contracting company in the field of the project and assigns a technical evaluation


One thing EProk prides itself with is its capability to promote the growth of small to medium companies as our projects are categorized based on their price ranges, as high risk, low risk For low risk projects, the algorithm functions in a way that smaller companies get a preference.

Our Team

Kriterion is a development team comprised of 4 University Of Johannesburg students. We are a team dedicated to using our computer programming knowledge to solve problems that are faced by our clients by providing simplistic solutions and meeting their requirements.

Nnaemeka Obodoekwe
Database Designer, Data analyst
In charge of database schema designs, ensuring proper relationships between schemas, enforcing data integrity and managing information provided by user of the website.
Kennedy Sigauke
Mobile Programmer & Deployment Manager
Provides mobile services of the system functionality such as communication, bid progress notifications, project progress notifications to EProk's contracting clients. As deployment manager, Mr Sigauke's job is to host, manage and monitor EProk's web services system, its website, as well as its database
Rito Vukela
Web developer
Simplifies the complexities of our system by designing our website so that its content is easily accessible to interested parties, ensures maximum readability and understandability of our system by ensuring that the look and feel of the website is both simplistic and consistent over all its web pages.
Vuyane Ngwenya
Data & Algorithm analyst
In charge of reporting all the activities performed by the users of the EProk system. As well as monitoring data flactuation. Ensures that all tender packages are awarded to contracting companies based on the formulae provided by the government's standard bidding documentation (SBD's).


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